About us
Oslo Students Athletics Club, known as OSI Friidrett, is an Athletics Club with a very active running group. The group is comprised of people from all different walks of life including students and non-students. We do not discriminate on levels of athletic ability and instead have a balance of advanced and recreational level. We have runners running race distances from 800m right through to marathon.

Training groups and times
There are a number of different athletes training for different events. We have a sprint and distance running group. For information about the sprint group please contact coach Anders Høyer Berg: a.h.berg@online.no

As of 1.january 2022 we will organize middle and long distance training with SK Vidar's long distance group. We encourage all non-students to sign up here.

Training for middle/long-distance group takes place at the following times:

When?   Where?
 Tuesday 17:30 Summer



Voldsløkka, by the northern benches


Bislett stadium indoors

 Thursday  17:30 Summer



Nordre Gravlund, by the gas station


Bislett stadium indoors

Saturday 11:00 am Summer



NIH track, near Sognsvann.


Frognerkilen, by the skatepark

In addition, there are often organized very easy long runs on sundays.

Often training locations and times change due to events so it is best to contact us before your first session. We encourage you to check time and place of sessions in our facebook group. Entrance into Bislett stadium in the winter requires you to be a member of a norwegian athletics club, so please contact us when you have registered as a member as we have to send an updated list to the security guards.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Details
Coach Gustav Vasdal & Board                         friidrett-styre at osi.uio.no